Social Responsibility

We believe in giving back to society and thus we engage in various CSR initiatives.

Social responsibility Business can never exist in isolation. A corporate entity is existing because of the consumer base it is able to build up. It owes a general duty towards its employees, customers and the general public which are its major stakeholders. We are aware of the responsibilities that business houses owe to the customers and to the general public. Lately, with the growth of concepts like Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) there is great accountability among the corporate citizens to show socially responsible behaviour. We are associated with various charitable organizations in the UAE and India and working to improve the educational and developmental needs of children with special needs. Though Accounting Firm helps the customers through effective, specific and targeted business solutions, it also makes sure that is simultaneously committed towards its social responsibilities. Our firm focuses on its business objectives but at the same time fulfils its social obligation. It has tie-ups with various social organisations that work for specially-abled children, women and the environment.




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